We are a multipurpose medical center with a focus on chronic diseases that offers a comprehensive care model focused on safety, quality and the experience of the patient and their family. We rely on international processes, standards and policies that ensure the success of our purpose.


We are a consulting firm specializing in health.
Together with organizations of the public and private sector, we walk the path of transformation of the health system, through innovative and efficient consulting solutions, hand in hand with national and internationally applied best practices.


Affinis is an institution dedicated to the prevention and comprehensive care of patients with chronic diseases. Our programs offer support to patients to achieve measurable improvements in their health.

Since up to 50% of the factors affecting health are due to lifestyle, we focus not only on disease management, but also on healthy lifestyle habits.


We are a center for research and innovation in health, which aims to be a reference in the health sector.


We are a company that provides services and digital tools with the aim of transforming the management of existing processes in the health sector; standardize processes and workflows through interconnected systems, facilitate interaction between different market players and provide technological solutions for their effectiveness.


Organization focused on accompanying and empowering people who suffer from diabetes or are at risk of suffering from it, so that they can live a full and healthy life.
We promote the early detection of diabetes in order to stop its evolution over time and thus avoid the complications of the disease.


We provide the necessary support to public and private institutions to achieve the transformation of the Dominican health system, towards sustainable, accessible, democratized and value-based models.
It is composed of the following companies:



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